Have A Plan!

I am sure you have experienced or heard the horror stories from fellow scrappers about a computer or EHD crash. If this has never happened to you, then it is only a matter of time before it does. Any time you are dealing with electronics, you run the risk of losing your valuable photos and digi-supplies. It is important that you create a backup plan and stick to it so you don’t lose anything should your computer or EHD malfunction.  If you don’t have at least 2 copies in 2 different places, then you are at risk!

I keep a folder on my computer called SAVE. As I collect new photos, layouts, designs, purchases, etc. through the month, I place them here in organized folders. Then once a month, and sometimes sooner, I create copies of everything in that folder in 2 or more places. 

Below are some options for making backups. Be aware that all can fail in one way or another. It is important to create a backup using more than one option to be sure you have at least 2 or more copies of everything.

OPTION #1: External Hard Drive (EHD)
EHDs are a great way to store your photos and supplies on.  There are many inexpensive brands to choose from and can run off of your USB port. I have heard of other scrappers buying 2+ so they have several copies of their photos and supplies.

OPTION #2:  CDs & DVDs
This is one of my favorite ways for backup. I personally use DVDs, since it has a larger storage capacity. I burn everything onto 2 DVDs, so there are duplicates should one of the discs gets damaged.

OPTION #3: Printing
Don’t hoard all of those photos and layouts. Get them printed! As you take photos and do layouts, upload them to a photo printing site and have your most precious photos printed. Should something happen to your other photo and layout backups, there will be a copy of it on the printing site. Few sites keep the full size photo, so downloading it back onto your computer probably won’t work well. But at least it will be on a site where you can have hard copies made.

OPTION #4: Online Backup Services
I have not used any of these online services, so I can’t give much advice on which company to choose. Many scrappers do use one or the other online backup sites. Here are some popular providers to choose from:

* Mozy 

If you know of other backup option not mentioned here, please share in the comments!


  1. I burn each months new stuff then organize on EHD. Nothing goes on there until it is burned. I tried Carbonite, but it was 3 months behind, so I cancelled it. I only keep programs on my main HD and have a second for storage.

    1. Thanks so much for the info! From reading what others use, I see a lot of scrappers using Backblaze. Maybe someone will stop by and let us know if they work better. :)

  2. Yes... Please everyone leave any advice on online backup sites. I am considering it but don't want to spend a lot doing it. THANKS!!!