Understanding Acronyms

If you are just discovering the digital scrapbooking world, you may be wondering what all of the various acronyms mean. Below are the basic meanings for the most common acronyms you will find. But it is important that you take the time to read each designer's terms-of-use for further restrictions. 

Each digital product you download will usually contain a TOU. In the TOU, the designer will explain what you are able to use the product for. Below are a few of the common uses allowed by digital scrapbooking designers.  

A PU product is for personal use only. This means that you can use the product to create layouts, scrapbooks, printed crafts, etc. for your personal use. You cannot use PU products to create items for others or for profit in any way. 

A S4H product is for personal use and can also be used to create for others. Some examples of this would be if someone hired you to create layouts for a personalized scrapbook or make party invitations for them using the S4H product. More often than not, it is asked that each layout, party invitation, card, etc. be unique for each person that has hired you. You would also need to create items that are in a flattened format, such as a layout, or a printed item, such as a scrapbook. You cannot share individual parts of the product with others. S4H does not mean that you create items, such as quickpages, to sell online over and over.  

A S4O product is very similar to S4H, but you cannot make a profit from the items you make for others. An example of this would be to create layouts as gifts for family. 

CU products can be used to create products, such as elements or papers for scrapbooking kits, that you plan to sell for PU/S4H/S4O. They cannot be used to create another CU product. 

CU4CU products allow you to create another CU/PU/S4H/S4O product. The designers' terms often do not allow the product to be used to create another CU4CU nor to be sold as is. 

I hope this has shed some light on the differents digital scrapbooking terms-of-use. Whenever you are in doubt about what a designer allows their product to be used for, it is best to email that designer directly. 

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