Halloween is just a few more days away. Have you bought costumes or decorated? What about carving your pumpkin? Be sure to share your Halloween layouts with us in the gallery! We would love to see them!

We have some fantastic deals going on this week; including our $1.00 Trick-or-Treat sale. No, it is no trick-just lots of $1.00 treats for you to choose from. We have included over 150 products in this sale!

Its time for our $2.00 Tuesday Sale! Lots of great products have been marked down to only $2.00 for TODAY ONLY! Grab them while they're hot!

We are so happy you all have been enjoying our Zombie Run! There is still time to do the challenges 1-4 to get the big prize-Hocus Pocus. Entries will ONLY be accepted until October 31st. Stop on over and check out our week 4 challenge for some zombie apocalypse fun. 

For those that don't have time to join in on our Zombie Run, we have included all the prizes for the challenges in a freebie-with-purchase! Spend $10 and get the entire Zombie Run prize collection! Be sure to grab this week's regular freebie-with-purchase too!

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